Saturday, May 3, 2008

Harley's Operation

Brit is right - - I didn't update everyone about Harley's operation and our vision scare.  Little Harley was rushed into emergency eye surgery 2 weeks ago.  So - how many of you knew that there were doggy opthamologists?  There are and the clinic we took Harley too has about 7 specialists that work with varied animals.  Anyway,  she was in surgery for about 2 hours and then recovery for an hour.  They did an EKG to decide if they could put her under anesthesia and found that she has a heart murmur.  We will have to deal with that issue a bit later, as the eye is the main focus at this point.  They were unable to put her under anesthesia because of the heart murmur and so they had to perform the surgery while Harley was fully aware of what was going on.  She was such a good girl and allowed them to perform the surgery.  She knew they were helping her with her "ouwy" and so she just sat there any kissed them as they worked.

Anyway,  we were able to take her home and home care for her after she spent the hour in recovery.  The surgery was successful and her cornea was repaired, and she can see just fine.  She will be required to have eye drops twice a day for the remainder of her life but that is little to give for saving her eye sight.  She was so funny with the collar they put on so that she wouldn't scratch her eye - she kept getting stuck in the doggy doors, so she couldn't get outside to do her "business".  She got frustrated and was not shy in telling us that she wanted it off.  We took it off and she was such a good girl - she truly realized the trade off - - the collar for not scratching her eye.  We had to remind her several times but she was really good about being careful. 
Saturday afternoon and evening when Jan and I serve at the temple, Cindy volunteered to come and dog sit, to ensure that Harley didn't scratch her eye.  THANK YOU, CINDY!!!!  Cindy kept watch and Harley survived another day without scratching her eye.  Jan took her to the doctor for her 2 week check up and the eye healed properly and all is well.  Thanks Jan for taking such good care of Harley while I'm at work.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Darn - Nikki caught me!!! Yes - It is about time I updated this blog. But, I have "issues". I have no time now that I'm working. Maybe you (Nikki) could update mine for me?!?!?!? Next issue - I have nothing fun to talk about, now that I'm working. Maybe you (Nikki) could add some fun content for me?!?!?!?! Next issue - when I'm at work, I forget my blog address. Maybe you (Nikki) could remember my blog address and add content for me?!?!?!?!

See I have issues! This is a plea for help! Can someone resolve my issues??? Nikki?? Cindy?? Someone????