Sunday, February 24, 2008

Well,  I just started a new book titled Golgotha, by Andrew C. Skinner.  So far, it is proving to be well worth my time.  I'm intrigued by possibilities of what are to come.  In just a few pages I've read that God rewards the sacrifices of those who love Him, whether in this life or the next, precisely because of the infinite sacrifice of His Beloved Son.  Our Savior, after enduring Gethsemane, did not shrink from Golgotha but saw the Atonement through to its conclusion.  

I will post my thoughts on the book, once I've completed it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kawasaki ATV Prairie 360 4X4

It's another day in the purchasing life cycle (no pun intended) at the Vic and Harley house. Last Friday, being OVERLY frustrated with the magnitude of ongoing back pain, I gave in and purchased a 4X4 with blade for moving snow. Not only can I no longer shovel snow, but I'm not able to use my snow blower (which, is brand new and now for sale), due to the magnitude of the resulting back and neck pain (wah, wah, wah).
I'm actually excited for this little addition, as it fits into my trailer and I have thoughts of mountain trails and the solitude that may bring. Or, maybe that is just another excuse to try to help me justify the cost. As soon as the blade assembly parts arrive (of course, they are on back order) I will post actual pictures of the machine. Until then, this is a canned photo from Kawasaki, of the one I got except mine is green, not white. The model is the Prairie 360 4X4. I will let you know how it works, and how it plays!!!!

There are advantages to not being able to sleep and one of them is that I've been able to read several great books lately and my friend Cindy suggested I read, "The Message" by Lance Richardson.  This is another great book, in my opinion.  But, everything on "my blog" is my opinion - so, I guess I don't need to keep stating such.  Forgive me.  Anyway,  if you are interested in starting your mind to look at the after life, spirit world concepts, this is a fun book to get you going.  And,  if you decide, after reviewing the short dissertation that I post, that you are interested in learning more about the book, Amazon currently has 26 comments posted.  Most of them are useful - which means that some are not!  

The post I've had up here is very, very long.  I'm removing it today, 03/03/08.  But, if anyone would like to see it at a later date, please let me know and I will send it to you.
This is the sequel to Eve and the Choice Made in Eden.  Thanks to my dear friend Sister Barbara Burton, I'm now reading this one, who has loaned me her copy of this book.  I will write my review as soon as I'm done and will also answer the 20 questions that Eve and the Choice Made in Eden asked - but, I need to wait a few more days to make sure that those who have told me they are reading the Choice Made In Eden have completed it, so that I don't ruin any of their potential joy.  Truly, there is joy received in finding answers to many of these questions - or, at least I find joy there.  

The sequel, Eve and the Mortal Journey has an overview by the publisher, as follows:

The story of Eve does not end in the Garden of Eden, nor does the example we can draw from her experience. In this companion volume to Eve and the Choice Made in Eden , Beverly Campbell examines the lessons from Eve's mortal journey and suggests practical applications for our own paths and choices in life. The book includes chapters on seeking a personal connection with God, applying the principles of the Plan of Happiness on a daily basis, defining and working within the seasons of lives, coping with inevitable trials, giving and receiving love, and creating sacred spaces where our souls can be nurtured.

Published: May 2005 
Pages: 192 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wanna Read an AWESOME book ?

Beverly Campbell.  

Twenty questions are answered through deep research, prayer, discussions with General Authorities and one on ones with President Gordon B. Hinckley.  There are 20 questions and I will list the questions with the answers in a future blog. 

Talk about a book full of answers and insight.  This is one of the most eye opening books on the Fall that I've had the opportunity to read.  I hope that those that have the chance to read this wonderful, well-researched book, will take the opportunity and absorb as much as possible.  

Please keep in mind, that the author is not a professional author and this book shows her elementary writing status.  However, as poorly written as the book is, it has so much incredible information within, it is still so worth the read.

Excellent reading!!!  Worth your time!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

To heck with the BIRDS & the BEES - what am I eating?

So,  my friend Cindy was telling me a story that just about kept me laughing for hours.   I just have to post it, 'cause it is so cute.  Hopefully Nate, Cindy's son won't see my blog and read about himself here.  Anyway,  Cindy had the opportunity to have a heart to heart with her son Nate.  Nate is 8, heading to 9.  She told him that he could ask her ANYTHING he wanted to and she would answer with complete honesty - you know, wouldn't give him the wait until you are older response, or you wouldn't understand, she would just give him the facts.  So, he sat there and thought and thought.  Of course, Cindy was expecting one of the "birds and the bees" type questions or some other difficult question.  After a few minutes of thinking, now keep in mind, Nate is a little brainiac, he finally had his question.  Mom he said, "how come you always fix hamburger helper for dinner?"

He is so cute and obviously, very innocent - today any way.  Cindy got away easy this time but just wait until the next time!!!  Now, just when you thought I was done with this story.........there is more.  Cindy went on to ask Nate what he and his friends talked about at recess and lunch time?  Again, hoping to have a "conversation" with him and giving him every opportunity to ask the tough questions.  He said, "we quiz each other on multiplication tables."  Of course, Cindy had to ask why that is what they talked about and didn't they ever talk about girls and he said - "well Mom no, we don't talk about girls, we have to practice our multiplication tables so that we get faster."  What a great kid!!!!
I thought I would post a couple pictures that I took when Jan and I visited Nauvoo this past Fall, 2007.  Mom & Vern took us to visit an Amish family and these are a couple of the pictures I was able to "politely" and without notice take of their farm and their "neighborhood."

The photo on the left is of their school and phone booth.  This is the only phone the entire Amish community in this area has.  They don't give the number out but in case of emergency, they use the phone to call out.  

It is a beautiful area and the Amish people that we met were very nice and kind.  It would be a very interesting life to live - only going to school until the 8th grade, no power from a power company (however,  they do have generators to help them with their work), no computers or other technological devices - including hair dryers, TV, clothes washers and dryers, dish washers, hot water heaters, lamps/lights, cell or otherwise phones, etc.

They live a very clean and pure lifestyle and one that we could all learn from.  I absolutely respect their choices and way of life and understand why they have chosen to live the way they do.  However,  I just don't think I could live that lifestyle, knowing what I know now and having had the luxuries of my current life(including purified water).

Even when I'm 90 - if I make it that long - this will be the only professional picture taken of me.  I figured I'd best get it on here, so that those that continue to ask where the human pictures are, can finally have their answer.  Yes, of course my only professional picture includes Harley.  Did anyone think it wouldn't?!?!?!  

Actually, since I have no posterity, I guess I'm posting this picture for Harley's posterity.  She is a grandmother now and it won't be long before she will be a great-grandmother.  I know, I'm wierd.  But, that is why there are a couple of you out there that actually like me. (Cindy - help, back me on this - there are a couple people out there that like me,  aren't there???????)

What a marvelous work this is!!!  
They have been named!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The tears just don't seem to stop as we remember our sweet Prophet.  Last night as we continued doing the work of the Lord, in the Salt Lake City Temple, there were few dry eyes to be seen and everyone seemed to be thinking of the same man, our beloved Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley.  The funeral had ended just several hours before my shift at the Salt Lake City Temple began and we knew that there would be many saints visiting the temple, in honor of our Prophet.  The halls of the temple were very quiet and the reverence was especially significant.  Temple voices were used even in areas where normal voices were "allowed."  Often times, words were not used as reddened eyes locked upon other reddened eyes and then hugs lingered.  This truly is a man that none of us will ever forget and it is to our great benefit that we keep his teachings and memory close to us, so that we can follow his example in our every day lives.
Gordon B. Hinkley, our Prophet, our Hero, our Friend.  Let us always remember him for the myriad of accomplishments that he and the Lord completed during his marvelous lifetime here on this earth.  His example was for us to be just as the Savior.  We will miss his wonderful smile, never ending energy, life lessons, love for all man kind, voice at conference and devotionals, and beautiful spirit that led us through all seasons.     WE'VE LOVED YOU and now WE WILL LOVE AND MISS YOU.