Saturday, August 23, 2008

!!!!Cutest Dog in the whole world & she lives @ my house!!!!
Finally, time for some Nauvoo pictures.  The following pictures are from my trip to Nauvoo but also include pictures from the journey there, which took us through Arkansas and specifically to the Crater of the Diamonds to mine for gems.  

Many saw the long lasting sunburn that I received while in the mine fields so I've included a few of those pictures as well.
While in Nauvoo my dear Mother took us to see 
Lincolns Library and his New Salem in Springfield, Illinois.  It was an educational day that included many opportunities to explore historical events and feel of thetimes.  The best part of course, was spending time with our Mother.  Anyway,  I'm going to attach many pictures that include our trip to Springfield, Arkansas (Crater of the Diamonds) and Nauvoo.  I hope you enjoy these.

And, of course, what would Nauvoo be now - without a quick visit to Fulmer street.  More pictures next time - of actual Nauvoo.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where are the Nauvoo & Arkansas Pictures?

They are coming! I promise. Somebody help me get organized............. I actually have over 400 pictures from my trip and I have yet to get any of them posted. Maybe I will get some extra time to dedicate to posting later this week. I promise to try. You all must see the sunburned legs pictures - those are the best!!! Plus, who can live without seeing the diamond find pictures? And, my favorite - Donna in Nauvoo and other places pictures. I just love all the pictures I have of my Mother. They are awesome and I need to share them. I will get this done later this week - I promise.