Friday, August 7, 2009

I can't believe just how much has happened this year - especially when you consider that summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner. My health has prohibited me from working full time and that is just one of the reasons why I was so excited to be heading to St George and have the job that I had been able to work out, with Ence Homes. I'm still having to have neck surgical procedures on a regular basis and I'm just hoping that soon a procedure will be found that actually "fixes" the problem permanently.

When we put the house up for sale, we had several calls a day and could have sold our home within 2 weeks. That was great news for the neighborhood and will be great when and if we decide to sell. Another great piece to that, is that the value of our home continues to increase, even through the tough economic times. This neighborhood is so highly desired that the vale retention is actually keeping. Awesome news for all of us in this area.

I did sell my cherished RV. It financially made sense to eliminate the monthly payment - the Prophet has told us to stay out of debt. When I bought the RV it was the first item I'd ever gone into debt with, except for my home. I thought with such low interest rates, my having a great job, and everything looking so great - this was 2.5 years ago, that I could go into debt better than I could liquidate savings. Well, lost 2 jobs since. Had several neck surgeries since. Experienced the general effects of the horrible economic situation, since. And, counselled in general by our incredible GA's and Prophet to better manage our money and decisions about finances. So, decided to sell. I loved that RV. I loved getting out on the road and going. I loved staying/living out of it. Just so many things that I enjoyed. But, it is now gone - and so is the large loan.

Will be back later for more updating - - on another post.

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