Friday, August 7, 2009

So much has happened since my last post. I'm not going to try to catch my Blog up in it totality but I'm going to hit on a few of the major events.

The picture is of the house that I had purchased in St. George. I was already to close and move. I had a job, I was selling my home in SLC, and was excited to start "fresh" in St. George. Physically, my health seems to be much better in the St. George climate and that is what led me to making the decision in the first place. Well, after coming within 2 weeks of the closing, I received a strong feeling, over and over again that I was not to leave, at this time, from SLC. This was odd, as I'd received the total opposite impression for the past several months. Long story short - I cancelled the closing and stopped the move.

The home was absolutely in my dream location, in Washington County, on a plateau, in a gated community, with the most incredible views of the entire St. George and surrounding areas, and had a wonderful back yard that included beautiful lava rock from a volcano that made up the mountain the sub-division was built on. Of course, it was an inactive volcano and has been for thousands of years, but there is an Indian burial ground that is protect, on the top of the volcano area, just west of the top of what would have been my lot. It was totally gorgeous. I just loved the idea of all that made up my "creation" of my move and "life" in St. George. It was a sad day for me when I cancelled the move.

I will move on to the next post / event since May's post.

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